The Pattern Recognition and Human Language Technology (PRHLT) research center is composed by researchers from the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) in the areas of Multimodal Interaction, Pattern Recognition, Image Processing (Image Analysis, Computer Vision, Handwritten Text Recognition, Document Analysis) and Language Processing (Speech Recognition and Understanding, Machine Translation, Information Retrieval).

The PRHLT center is an active research entity with important ongoing research projects, technology transfer activities, and research publications.

Research Areas: Big data and deep learning

“Machine Learning is the new electricity” Deep Learning is a technique that belongs to the Machine Learning Field. Machine Learning techniques learns from data. Nowadays the amount of data grows exponentially year after year. Therefore machine learning techniques obtain a great potential to solve very complex problems. Big-data is the perfect partner and deep learning techniques are becoming a standard thanks to the hardware and software advances. In PRHLT we have […]

Research Areas: Speech processing and dialogue systems

Speech processing includes different applications, such like speech recognition and understanding, speech-to-speech translation, speech interaction with mobile devices, speaker and domain adaptation, and multimodal speech recognition. Dialogue systems related tasks are speech and multimodal based dialogue systems, statistical dialogue models, and automatic dialogue annotation.

Research Areas: Handwritten Text Recognition

Both off-line (document images) and on-line HTR (tablet or e-pen signals) are considered. No prior character or word segmentation is needed. Technology relies on character-level optical models based on Convolutional-Recurrent Neural Networks and Hidden Markov Models, , along with Finite-State Lexical and N-Gram Language Models. After model training, for each given text line image, a holistic (“Viterbi”) search provides both an optimal transcription and the corresponding word and character segmentations. […]

Research Areas: Computer Vision

General Statistical and Syntactic Pattern Recognition techniques for image analysis and recognition. Some applications: OCR and document analysis, medical diagnosis, biometric identification, image and video retrieval. Relevance-based Image Retrieval Biometrics.

Research Areas: Language Translation

The activities of the Machine Translation group began some years ago with the use of finite-state models for speech-to-speech translation and for text-to-text translation in limited domains. This group has developped a number of translation models with the corresponding learning algorithms and a number of prototypes for speech translation and computer-assisted translation. Currently, the Machine Translation group is devoted to the development of new interactive-predictive techniques for computer-assisted translation, techniques for […]

Research Areas: Natural Language Processing

Social media data analysis: Author profiling, Stance detection, Deceptive opinion detection, Irony detection and sentiment analysis, Mixed-script text analysis, Plagiarism and social copying detection. Author profiling Given a text, what are the author’s traits? The focus is on inferring traits such as gender, age, native language, language variety, and personality on the basis of the stylistic analysis of the author’s texts. This is of interest for areas such […]


Entrega de los Premios de Investigación Sociedad Científica Informática de España – Fundación BBVA 2022

El pasado 15 de noviembre tuvo lugar la ceremonia de entrega de los Premios de Informática 2022, dirigidos a reconocer la labor de investigadores y entidades públicas y privadas en el área de la Informática que han dedicado su carrera profesional y su esfuerzo al...

El investigador Paolo Rosso galardonado en la I edición de los Premios de Investigación UPV

Paolo Rosso, investigador del centro PRHLT y Catedrático de Universidad de la UPV, ha recibido el Premio a la Publicación Excelente en la categoría de Ingeniería y Tecnología concedido en la I edición de los Premios de Investigación UPV. La publicación por la que ha...

El investigador Francisco Casacuberta recibe un Premio Nacional de Informática

El Profesor Catedrático de la UPV e investigador y cofundador del centro PRHLT, Francisco Casacuberta, ha obtenido el Premio José María Santesmases en su edición 2022, en reconocimiento a su trayectoria en investigación y docencia en al campo de la Ingeniería...

The PRHLT research center participates in the organization of the Word-Level AutoCompletion Task

Computer-aided translation (CAT), which leverages the advantages of MT systems to help human translators, attracts the attention of researchers. However, research progress in CAT is slower than in automatic MT. One of the main reasons is that almost no public shared...

PRHLT advice to the Spanish Observatory of Racism and Xenophobia (OBERAXE) to monitor hate speech on line

The objective of this project is to develop for the Spanish Observatory of Racism and Xenophobia (OBERAXE), dependent on the Secretary of State for Migration, a search methodology to monitor hate speech on line. The project consist also in a proposal for a...

Technical and logistical support service for monitoring hate speech on line for Spanish government

Duration: 18 November 2021 to 18 May 2022Public Procurement File  2021/30000225 funded by Secretary of State for Migration (Spanish Government)PI: Paolo Rosso The objective of this project is to develop for the Spanish Observatory of Racism and Xenophobia...