The Pattern Recognition and Human Language Technology (PRHLT) research center is composed by researchers from the Universidad Politécnica de Valencia (UPV). More information in the PRHLT presentation slides.

The main research areas of interest of PRHLT are:

Multimodal Interaction
A Pattern Recognition framework aiming at assistive, rather than full automation technologies. Read more.
Machine Translation
Speech-to-speech, text-to-text and computer assisted language translation. Read more.
Handwritten Text Recognition (HTR) and Document Analysis
Technologies for the recognition of unsegmented (off-line) text images and (on-line) electronic pen signals. Read more.
Automatic Speech Recognition and Understanding
Technologies for applications such as: telephone exchange services, device control by voice, spoken information queries, etc. Read more.
Image Analysis and Computer Vision
Technologies for applications such as: medical diagnosis, biometric identification, image and video retrieval, etc. Read more.
Natural Language Processing and Information Retrieval
Technologies for applications such as: author profiling, irony detection, plagiarism detection, question answering, cross-language information retrieval, etc. Read more.

PRHLT is involved in a number of projects with public and private budgets. In particular with EC through ESPRIT and FP projects, with the Spanish government through CICYT projects and with research programs of the Valencian Government. PRHLT has developed different prototypes and products for speech recognition and translation, hand-writting text recognition and image retrieval. PRHLT is the leader of the FP7 project tranScriptorium and is involved in CasMaCat, all of them funded by the European Commission. Furthermore, PRHLT is working on the Prometeo project ALMPR, funded by the Valencian Government. PRHLT is the leader of the Multimodal Interaction in Intelligent Systems (MIIS), a research micro-cluster funded by the Valencia, International Campus of Excellence (VLC-Campus). PRHLT was also the leader of the Consolider-Ingenio 2010 project MIPRCV, funded by the Spanish Government. PRHLT is collaborating with important research groups of Spain and the European Community in speech recognition, machine translation and image retrieval.

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