Pattern Recognition and Human Language Technology

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Mixed-Script Term Equivalents
This demo finds the equivalents for the input Roman transliterated Hindi word in both Roman and Devnagari Script using joint-script deep-autoencoder modelling. Launch demo
Mathematical Expression Recognition
This demo takes as input a handwritten math expression and outputs a LaTeX string. Launch demo
Text-to-Text Spanish-Catalan Translator
Text-to-Text Spanish-Catalan translation system. There are two translation prototypes: one from the Taval, SisHiTra and TeFaTe projects and the other based on the Spanish-Catalan Phrase-based Statistical approach. Launch demo
Multimodal Interactive Handwritten Text Recognition
This is a real demonstration of the capabilities of our multimodal interactive HTR engine (MM-CATTI) on a XIX century Spanish manuscript and on IAMDB text images. Launch demo
Interactive Machine Translation
An interactive approach is proposed as an alternative to post-editing the output of a machine translation system. In this proposal the user's feedback is used to validate or to correct parts of the system output that allow the generation of improved versions of the rest of the output. Launch demo
Interactive Image Retrieval
An interactive approach is proposed to retrieve images from a huge dataset gathered form internet web-pages. Furthemore the demo shows different user-interaction strategies. Query Suggestion and Tag Cloud approaches are shown to be helpfull for image retrieval. Launch demo
Interactive Predictive Parsing
This demo shows an interactive predictive parsing tool. Launch demo
Spoken Language Understanding
The basic problem is learning a subset of an arbitrary natural language from picture-sentence pairs. This demo shows a prototype system that performs speech recognition and language understanding on the Miniature Language Acquisition task, along with a visual representation of the actions. Launch demo
Computer-assisted Handwritten Text Transcription Using Speech Recognition
This demo shows a new Computer-assisted Handwritten Text Transcription system which uses speech as an additional mean of interaction. The system is build upon a generic recogniser both for speech and handwriting recognition. Launch demo
Automatic Voice-Driven Telephone Exchange
Spanish continuous speech recognition and understanding system which handles natural language sentences. The system substitutes a human operator. Launch demo

Disclaimer: some demos are out-of-date and may not be available or would not work as expected.