iatros-speech Documentation


This is the documentation of iAtros speech library, for the new Improved Automatic Trainable RecOgnition System.

Known Problems

In some machines, the audio libraries only work if the OSS modules are disabled

Additional libraries

The iAtros Sound System needs some external libraries:
-ALSA libray

Both can be installed in Debian-based distributions by using:
apt-get install libasound2-dev libfftw3-dev

iAtros Feature Extraction and Sound system

If you want to know more about feature extraction, you can visit the Technical Documentation subpage.

Some notes about the audio system can be found in the Audio Notes.

Bug report

If you want to notify a bug you can contact with:
Audio system - vtamarit@iti.upv.es
Viterbi - mlujan@iti.upv.es
Anithing else - You can email both

Thanks for using iAtros!

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