Covid-19 MLIA @ Eval organizes a community evaluation effort aimed at accelerating the creation of resources and tools for improved Multilingual Information Access (MLIA) in the current emergency situation with a reference to a general public use case:

“Sofia has heard that a drug has been experimented in different countries and she would like to have a consolidated and trustworthy view of the main findings, whether the drug is effective or not, and whether there are any adverse effects”.

Distillation for the general public also implies a level of specialist-non-specialist communication, when the aggregated sources contain both disseminative and specialised sources. Therefore, the general public would need to understand medical expertise by using their correspondent in the “everyday ” language or by using an appropriately calibrated language for the communication to be effective.

PRHLT is co-organizing the machine translation task, whose goal is to evaluate systems focused on the Covid-19 related text. The Covid-19 MT task addresses the following language pairs:

* English-German.
* English-French.
* English-Spanish.
* English-Italian.
* English-Modern Greek.
* English-Swedish.
* English-Arabic.

Round 2 is currently undergoing, with plans for a third run already on the works. For more information, visit: