Duration: 17 April 2023 to 16 April 2024
Project funded by NGI Search (Horizon Europe Project) Support Programme
PI: Paolo Rosso
Members: Berta Chulvi

In the last decade, we appreciated an increasing mistrust in all information sources. Following the Edelman Trust Barometer 2021 we see that trust in information is at record lows. Also, confidence in search engines (-9%) and traditional media (-12%) has decreased in the last two years. According to this, the Next generation of the internet should comprise a change in the way we experience search and discover data and resources on the internet and web. A new generation of search engines that promotes critical thinking must be developed.

The TrustSearch project aims to design an AI tool that, on the basis of a user query on a controversial issue shows a plural media landscape where the user has the possibility of; (1) analyzing the stance of different media; (2) distinguishing the sources in terms of audience (number of visits) and (3) leading political ideology.