Duración: 1 noviembre 2009 hasta 1 noviembre 2011
Financiado por: referencia TSI-020110-2009-439

erudito.com is a Experimental Design project that has as a main objective to develop a tool to encapsulate, distribute and intelligent use of digital content. That service, thanks to organisative processes and preprocessing and representation techniques completely innovatives, will allow to edit, interpret and reuse digital content currently showed on thematic TV channels.

In the case of our project we will focus on high quality cultural content. This content, will be reused, made available on the Internet and in several languages (this project will deal with Spanish and Catalan) thanks to a search engine that uses natural language processing techniques providing complete access to the user. The content that the tool will provide as a result of a search will be customised to the user needs following criteria based on his/her level of knowledge as a function of his/her age in order to maximise user satisfaction.

erudito.com takes the challenge of working with children between 6 and 16 years old. For this reason, the level of knowledge of our users is that of primary and secondary education. In this project, and in order to simplify the ontology issue, we will focus on specific themes, such as, geography, natural science, history, etc.

erudito.com gathers companies with experience in the ICT sector (Rosetta Plus) and a deep knowledge of the digital content world and its market, and broadens experience in the organisation and deployment of digital objects (Grupo Anaya); and at the same time integrates relevant Spanish research groups with life-long experience in speech recognition and machine translation (Universidad Politecnica de Valencia – Pattern Recognition and Human Language Technology group) and semantic search (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid – Knowledge Reuse Group) Furthemore, the consortium includes final users that will actively participate in the project, Lauda school from Cordoba. In this sense, erudito.com incorporates representative partners from the value chain of the new tool that will be developed.