Duración: 1 junio 2011 hasta 31 mayo 2015
Financiado por: referencia FP7-PEOPLE-269180

Today’s information and data pools on the Web focus on the quantity of information rather than its quality; a fact observable through the increasing size of the blogosphere, the number of growing artificially created data, the well established copy & paste syndrome and the lack of semantically enriched data. The research underlying WIQ-EI’s knowledge transfer addresses information quality in terms of determining web quality measures and the development of multi-lingual, automatic methods for estimating those measures. Through a set of joint research stays on different topics in web information quality, the consortium consisting of 4 European and 5 non-European partners from Mexico, India and Argentina will transfer knowledge on defining and determining web information quality. Moreover, through joint organization of workshops and competitions, the consortium will provide tools, test data and evaluation measure for comparing different quality estimation approaches.