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Daniel Martín-Albo, Verónica Romero, Enrique Vidal. Escritoire: a Multi-Touch Desk with e-Pen Intput for Capture, Management and Multimodal Interactive Transcription of Handwritten Dcouments. 7th Iberian Conference on Pattern Recognition and Image Analysis, 2015. Springer.

A large quantity of documents used every day are still handwritten. However, it is interesting to transform each of these documents into its digital version for managing, archiving and sharing. Here we present Escritoire, a multitouch desk that allows the user to capture, transcribe and work with handwritten documents. The desktop is continuously monitored using two cameras. Whenever the user makes a specific hand gesture over a paper, Escritoire proceeds to take an image. Then, the capture is automatically preprocesses, obtaining as a result an improved representation. Finally, the text image is transcribed using automatic techniques and finally the transcription is displayed on Escritoire.