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Ángel Navarro, Francisco Casacuberta. Introducing Mouse Actions into Interactive-Predictive Neural Machine Translation. Proceedings of the 18th Biennial Machine Translation Summit, 2021. pp. 270-281.

The quality of the translations generated by Machine Translation (MT) systems has highly improved through the years, but we are still far away to obtain fully automatic high-quality translations. To generate them, translators use Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) tools, among which we find the Interactive-Predictive Machine Translation (IPMT) systems. This paper uses bandit feedback as the principal and only information needed to generate new predictions that correct the previous translations. Furthermore, the application of bandit feedback reduces the number of words that the translator needs to type in an IPMT session. In conclusion, this technique saves valuable time, and effort for translators. Moreover, its performance improves improves with the future advances in MT, so we recommend its application in the actuals IPMT systems.