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Carlos D. Martínez-Hinarejos, Vicent Tamarit, José-Miguel Benedí. Confidence measures in dialogue annotation by N-gram transducers. Proceedings of the 5th Language and Technology Conference, 2011. Zygmunt Vetulani (Editors). pp. 565-569. Adam Mickiewicz University.

Dialogue annotation is a necessary step for the development of dialogue systems, specially for data-based dialogue strategies. Manual annotation is hard and time-consuming, and automatic techniques can be used to obtain a draft annotation and speed-up the process. An interesting feature in this framework is the presentation of the draft annotation with confidence levels on the correctness of every part of the hypothesis can make even faster the supervision process. In this paper we propose a method to calculate confidence measures for an automatic dialogue annotation model, and test it for the annotation of a task-oriented human-computer corpus on railway information. The results show that our proposal is a good starting point for incorporating confidence measures in the dialogue annotation process.