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Carlos D. Martínez-Hinarejos, Santiago Sánchez-Alepuz, Natividad Prieto. COPS: a computer programming tool to cope with functional diversity. IberSpeech 2012, 2012. Doroteo Torre Toledano, Alfonso Ortega, António Teixeira, Joaquín González Rodríguez, Luis Hernández Gómez, Rubén San Segundo Hernández, Daniel Ramos Castro (Editors). pp. 371-376. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

Computer programming usually requires the use of devices such as screens to see the implemented code and keyboards to input new code. However, these devices are sometimes not suitable for people with functional diversity. In case of sight impairment, tools such as magnification or speech synthesis can be useful to know what is the implemented code. In case of impaired mobility, speech recognition can be useful to input new code. In this work we present an environment, called COPS, which is implemented as an Eclipse plug-in, and implements these capabilities for making computer programming feasible for people with functional diversity.