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Emilio Granell, Carlos D. Martínez-Hinarejos, Vicent Tamarit. Hermes: a mobile distributed speech translation system.. Proceedings of IberSpeech 2012, 2012. Doroteo Torre Toledano, Alfonso Ortega, António Teixeira, Joaquín González Rodríguez, Luis Hernández Gómez, Rubén San Segundo Hernández, Daniel Ramos Castro (Editors). pp. 365-370. Universidad Autónoma de Madrid.

In this work we present a distributed system for automatic interpretation. This system consists of a client application developed for mobile devices with Android operating system, which interacts with users, and a server dedicated to the automatic speech recognition and machine translation. The domain of interpretation is limited to a particular task based in the interaction that a tourist may have on arriving at a hotel. Our system is able to translate standard sentences in oral communication at the reception of a hotel from Spanish into English.