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Emilio Granell, Verónica Romero, Carlos D. Martínez-Hinarejos. Image-speech combination for interactive computer assisted transcription of handwritten documents. Computer Vision and Image Understanding, 2019. Vol. 180 pp. 74-83.

Handwritten document transcription aims to obtain the contents of a document to provide efficient information access to, among other, digitised historical documents. The increasing number of historical documents published by libraries and archives makes this an important task. In this context, the use of image processing and understanding techniques in conjunction with assistive technologies reduces the time and human effort required for obtaining the final perfect transcription. The assistive transcription system proposes a hypothesis, usually derived from a recognition process of the handwritten text image. Then, the professional transcriber feedback can be used to obtain an improved hypothesis and speed-up the final transcription. In this framework, a speech signal corresponding to the dictation of the handwritten text can be used as an additional source of information. This multimodal approach, that combines the image of the handwritten text with the speech of the dictation of its contents, could make better the hypotheses (initial and improved) offered to the transcriber. In this paper we study the feasibility of a multimodal interactive transcription system for an assistive paradigm known as Computer Assisted Transcription of Text Images. Different techniques are tested for obtaining the multimodal combination in this framework. The use of the proposed multimodal approach reveals a significant reduction of transcription effort with some multimodal combination techniques, allowing for a faster transcription process.