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Jorge Civera, Juan M. Vilar, Elsa Cubel, Antonio L. Lagarda, Sergio Barrachina, Francisco Casacuberta, Enrique Vidal, David Picó, Jorge González. A syntactic pattern recognition approach to computer assisted translation. Advances in Statistical, Structural and Syntactical Pattern Recognition, 2004. Ana Fred, Terry Caelli, Aurélio J.C. Campilho, Robert P.W. Duin, Dick Ridder (Editors). Springer-Verlag.

It is a fact that current methodologies for automatic translation cannot be expected to produce high quality translations. An alternative approach is to use them as an aid to manual translation. We focus on a possible way to help human translators: to interactively provide completions for the parts of the sentences already translated. We explain how finite state transducers can be used for this task and show experiments in which the keystrokes needed to translate printer manuals were reduced to nearly 25% of the original.