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Jorge Civera, Elsa Cubel, Antonio L. Lagarda, Francisco Casacuberta, Enrique Vidal, Juan M. Vilar, Sergio Barrachina. Computer-Assisted Translation using Finite-State Transducers. Actas del Primer Congreso Español de Informática (CEDI 2005), Simposio de la Sociedad Española para el Procesamiento del Lenguaje Natural (SEPLN). ISSN: 1135-5948, 2005. pp. 357-363. Thomson.

Computer-Assisted Translation (CAT) is an alternative approach to machine translation, that integrates human expertise into the automatic translation process. In this framework, a human translator interacts with a translation system that dynamically offers a list of translations that best completes the part of the sentence already translated. Stochastic finite-state transducer technology is proposed to support this CAT system. The system was assessed on two real tasks of different complexity in several languages.