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Joaquim Arlandis, Javier Cano, José García-Hernández, Rafael Llobet, Gloria Mainar, Roberto Paredes, Alberto Pérez, Juan C. Pérez-Cortés, Ismael Salvador, Alejandro H. Toselli, Mauricio Villegas. ITI Image Recognition and Artificial Vision Group Activities. Pattern Recognition: Progress, Directions and Applications, 2006. Filiberto Plá, Petia Radeva, Jordi Vitrià (Editors). pp. 95-105. Centre de Visió per Computador. ISBN 84-933652-6-2

The Image Recognition and Artificial Vision group of the "Instituto Tecnologico de Informatica" is a part of a larger group (Pattern Recognition and Human Language Technologies, PRHLT) in the same institution, focused on the field of image analysis and computer vision under the Pattern Recognition Paradigm. The group has been especially targeted to computer vision applications, and their members have published a number of scientific papers and participated in a variety of projects along the last 15 years. Some examples of tasks dealt with in these projects are: industrial continuous material inspection, complex image analysis, optical/intelligent character recognition, colour recognition and other related areas like biometric identification (fingerprint, face and speaker recognition).