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Carlos D. Martínez-Hinarejos. A study of a segmentation technique for dialogue act assignation. Proceedings of the Eighth International Conference in Computational Semantics IWCS8, 2009. pp. 299-304. Tilburg University, Department of Communication and Information Sciences.

In dialogue systems, a computer system must answer to user questions in order to accomplish a task. The computer system should understand the requirements of the user, which are coded at dialogue level by semantic units, usually Dialogue Acts (DA). Previous works evaluated several probabilistic models for the assignation of DA to dialogue turns, but most of them rely on the availability of the segmentation of the turns into atomic dialogue units (utterances). In this work, we evaluate the quality of the DA assignation with the presence or absence of segmentation. We also evaluate the DA assignation with a segmentation provided by a technique that is applied before the DA assignation model.