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Ricardo Sánchez-Sáez, Luis A. Leiva, Joan-Andreu Sánchez, José-Miguel Benedí. Seamless Tree Binarization for Interactive Predictive Parsing. VI Jornadas en Tecnología del Habla and 2nd Iberian SLTech (FALA'10), 2010. pp. 47-50.

This paper introduces a seamless method for tree binarization/debinarization that is employed within the Interactive Predictive Parsing framework for tree annotation. This novel method allows that, while the human annotator verifies and corrects standard non-binary trees, the parse engine can work with parsing algorithms that process and produce binary trees, such as a CYK-Viterbi based parser. Within the Interactive Predictive Parsing framework the user is tightly integrated into the interactive parsing system, in contrast with the traditional post-editing approach. User feedback for tree correction and validation is provided by means of natural mouse gestures and keyboard strokes.