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  • Silvio Beux. MOoD-TC:A General Purpose Multilingual Ontology Driven Classifier. University of Genoa. 2015. Advisors: Viviana Mascardi and Paolo Rosso
    Type: Mastersthesis. Available: BIB. Download publication.
  • Jesús Alberto Alonso Nanclares. Advances in Social Circles Detection. Universitat Politècnica de València. 2015. Advisors: Roberto Paredes Palacios and Paolo Rosso
    Type: Mastersthesis. Available: BIB. Download publication.
  • Proc. of the Fourth Joint Conference on Lexical and Computational Semantics (*SEM 2015) Co-located with NAACL. 2015. Martha Palmer, Gemma Boleda, Paolo Rosso (Editors). Association for Computational Linguistics.
    Type: Inproceedings. Available: BIB. Request publication.
  • Yassine Benajiba, Paolo Rosso, Lahsen Abouenour, Omar Trigui, Karim Bouzoubaa, Lamia Hadrich Belguith. Chapter 11: Question Answering. Springer. 2015. Imed Zitouni (Editors). Theory and Applications of Natural Language Processing, pp. 335-370 |.
    Type: Inbook. Available: BIB. Request publication.
  • Enrique Flores, Alberto Barrón-Cedeño, Lidia Moreno, Paolo Rosso. Cross-Language Source Code Re-Use Detection using Latent Semantic Analysis. Journal of Universal Computer Science, 2015. Vol. 21 (13), pp. 1708-1725.
    Type: Article. Available: BIB. Request publication.
  • Mohamed Outahajala. Apprentissage d'un Etiqueteur Morphosyntaxique de la Langue Amazighe. Universite Mohammed V - Rabat. 2015. Advisors: Lahbib Zenkouar and Paolo Rosso
    Type: Phdthesis. Available: BIB. Download publication.
  • Daniela Virone, Mirko Lai. Dans un corpus hybride : les messages twittés, l’intertextualité et la formule. SHS Web of Conferences ICODOC 2015 : Colloque Jeunes Chercheurs du Laboratoire ICAR, 2015. Vol. 20
    Type: Article. Available: BIB, Abstract. Download publication.
  • Mirko Lai, Cristina Bosco, Viviana Patti, Daniela Virone. Building a Corpus on a Debate on Political Reform in Twitter. Proceedings of the Second Italian Conference on Computational Linguistics CLiC-it 2015 3-4 December 2015, Trento, 2015. Cristina Bosco, Sara Tonelli, Fabio Massimo Zanzotto (Editors). Accademia University Press.
    Type: Inproceedings. Available: BIB, Abstract. Download publication.
  • Tambuscio Marcella, Gianluca Tursi, Mirko Lai, Giancarlo Ruffo. Understanding the attraction dynamics of geolocated hashtags. [POSTER + PRESENTATION] please submit your abstract here. During the review process, submissions will be selected for oral presentation (approx. 15 minutes) or poster presentation plus short presentation (approx 2-5 minutes). 2015.
    Type: Unpublished. Available: BIB. Request publication.
  • Emilio Sulis, Mirko Lai, Manuela Vinai, Manuela Sanguinetti. Exploring Sentiment in Social Media and Official Statistics: a General Framework. 2015. CEUR-WS.
    Type: Inproceedings. Available: BIB, Abstract. Download publication.